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Crude oil theme

Well record gas demand goes hand in hand with all time record low interest rates & easy financing for US consumers in the domestic car market (aka another BUBBLE). When that bubble pops we see lower gas demand domestically. Car dealers pushing 7/8 year car loans pushed car sales to all time highs since cash for clunkers....this pushed up gas demand naturally. More cars on road, but we are seeing signs of bubble in car loans. Used car prices going down faster too! Bye bye gasoline demand..... wink, wink Mr EIA.I've been looking for sustainable signs & patterns of increasing demand for gasoline. I just don't see anything sustainable. The record gas demand is IMO correlated to record car sales...when this goes down which is already happening, we will see less demand. The demand is just not going to push up crude prices, not unless the economy improves @micro & macro levels.

Copper trading call

Buy copper at current rate Sell zinc at current rate There is not a stoploss.because no need of stoploss Sureshot call My indian fellow should sell zinc at 156 to 159 range.

Silver News

Gold prices flipped between gains and losses on Friday, before ending little changed as markets assessed the likelihood of an interest rate hike at the next Federal Reserve meeting September, following comments from the top two officials at the central bank. Gold for December delivery on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange inched up $1.30, or 0.1%, to settle at $1,325.90 a troy ounce by close of trade. Despite Friday's modest gains, the yellow metal ended with a weekly loss of $20.30, or 1.5%, the biggest decline since mid-July. During a much-awaited speech at the Fed's Jackson Hole symposium Friday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said the case for U.S. interest rate hikes has “strengthened” in recent monthsdue to improvements in the labor market and to expectations for solid economic growth. However, she did not indicate when the Fed would act, saying that higher interest rates will depend on incoming economic data. Speaking shortly afterwards, Fed Vice Chair Stanl…

Crude oil

Crude Oil will jump yesterday and settled in 48.10$.Yesterday crude oil will go down at morning and at night section will go up.And in Mcx rate will trade on range 3320-3120 .And today inventory will also come so trade will this range .And take the sl also to do the trade.

Crude oil support

Starting of new down trend. Here is the price range for near future (months, years?)


Even if the role of RBI governor would lessen with the formation of the monetary policy committee, every stakeholders out in the market would be keen to assess his plans on two these two key aspects - inflation expectation and better credit delivery.  "One would look for continuity from the new governor. We will be keen to see how Urjit Patel manages inflation expectation," said Partha Ray, professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata. 
"It is important that RBI and the government speak the same tone. The differences, if any, should be kept behind the curtains and it would be interesting to see how the new governor fits in this role," Ray said. 
The market would expect firmness in liquidity management so that lenders have enough ammunition when credit demand picks up with better economic outlook. 

"He is the architect of inflation targeting approach. Investors don't want any change in policy direction," said Devendra Kumar Pant, chi…

Crude oil

Crude oil Target will mostly achieved . so book profile or wait for today inventory.

Crude oil

Crude oil price provided some positive trading this morning in attempt to move away from the breached bearish channel’s resistance, to keep moving within the intraday bullish channel that appears in the image, and the price gets positive support from the EMA50.
Therefore, our bullish trend expectations will remain valid and active for today, and the first target at 45.61, reminding you that the continuation of the expected rise depends on the stability above 43.00 and the most important above 41.87.
Expected trading range for today is between 41.87 support and 46.00 resistance.

Crude oil

Averaging Down: after taking profit on several shorts I sold pre-Brexit, I decided to start a new series long at $49.69 on June 23. Despite falling to $46.80 by June 27, it recovered to $49.60 by June 29, where I was able to close out my series in nice profit because I averaged down. Then I decided to short at $49.73 and $50.00 the same day. By the time July 18 rolled around, I started a new series long at $45.77 which had me in the deepest hole since April 18. I had to book a $10,180 loss, which was great considering I was down over $30,000 at one point. And I was able to minimize my losses because of averaging down. Which brings me to my latest series. I started long at $43.06 on August 9, but it fell to $41.51 by the next day, where I found myself down about $8,000 with 10 longs averaging $42.33. Suffice it to say I had my best profit in a series this year by averaging down to add 2 long at $41.51 and closing out at $44.71.